Thursday, September 19, 2013

I found Gammill!

So here I was in America, staying with friends in Janesville, Wisconsin, under half an hour away from a dealer in Beloit.  I walked into the Gammill showroom and spent about 4 hours with them, being shown all aspects of the machine.
I was over the moon when they showed me the Statler, which was the computerised version of the quilting machine.  This was the one for me.  I needed to go away & absorb all the information for a few days, then I went back to them another morning, in snowy conditions,  to pester them more ask more questions.

They were as excited as I was, as they wanted an excuse to travel to Australia on a "working" holiday.  They rang Gammill head office while I was there about ordering & shipping the machine , while I stood there mentally working out how much was I going to increase my housing loan with adding the machine to it.  Some time later they returned with down cast faces...Gammill would not let them sell the machine to me... I had to buy it from a dealer in Australia.  They gave me my closet dealer's info and thanked me for my interest.

So after I left there, I felt elated but deflated at the same time.. elated, that I had now made the correct decision to buy a Gammill Statler, but deflated, because I couldn't buy it from them.

So what does a girl do when she feels like this?    
.....she shops!


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