Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ready to Quilt
It has taken me many, many years to get to this point, ie: a quilt being sewn on a Gammill Statler Quilting Machine in my home. 

Many people have dreamed of owning a quilting machine, and some have also dreamed of owning a Gammill, which in my opinion, is the Rolls Royce of all quilting machines.. well, I was one of them.

This post and the following posts will show you that dreams do come true... it may take many years, many heartaches and many triumphs to obtain that goal, but I am proof of dreams do come true.

Let me begin....................

I began quilting about 25 years ago.  I tried hand quilting.... a cot quilt.... my first and last attempt....
  Well that was a disaster!  I have no concept of how quilters find it relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable.. for me it was frustrating, tedious and damn slow!   I found the alternative of sending my quilts off to a quilter much more relaxing, faster, but a whole lot more expensive....then I had a brainwave....
"Why don't I buy a quilting machine costing thousands of dollars, so I can stop spending hundreds of dollars?"
... makes sense to me!

1) Haven't got the money
2) Have no idea of how to use one
3) Need at least a 16 foot space to house it
4) I don't have a 16 foot room in my home

1) I could earn money by quilting other people's quilts
2) I wouldn't have to pay for my quilts to be quilted
3) I really want it!  (what other reason do I need?)

How do I start?... what the heck!...go to Gammill in America (I live in Australia) and see what it is all about!

So I did!



  1. Fantastic start. Looking forward to more. L xx

  2. I think your homework went very well..........

  3. Awesome Julie I cant wait to hear your stories

  4. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. Julie thanks, wow, what a fascinating journey you are on! Meant to mention this blog to you here it is now for you to check out, when you're not quilting that is........